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Aug 31, 2018

Marvel Team-Up Annual #5: Quantum Zone Episode #24

This episode Phil, Will and Matt bring the “Summer of Pegasus” to an end with a king size review of Marvel Team-Up Annual #5, “Serpent Rising” (1982).  Discussion topics include:

Marvel annuals history

A long winded car ride

Snakes (not on) a plane

Aug 30, 2018

Invincible Compendium 3 (#97-#144): Comic Capers Episode #16

This episode Phil and Lilith conclude their Invincible review with issues #97-#144 as collected in the Invincible Compendium #3 and discuss the pros of creator owned, single writer books.

Show Notes: Invincible Compendium 3 (#97-#144): Comic Capers...

Aug 28, 2018

Mr & Mrs X #2, West Coast Avengers #1: Wade's World--The Deadpool Podcast Episode #62

In this week’s episode, our (anti)heroes review new releases Mr & Mrs X #2 and West Coast Avengers #1 both written by Kelly Thompson. Random Nonsense includes discussion on the not suitable for children Deadpool storybook.


Aug 27, 2018

Angel S1E13 “She”: Angel Chronicles Episode #13

This episode your hosts Lilith and Phil discuss “Hot” other-dimensional women, the dancing skills of Team Angel, and Wesley gets hired.

Show Notes: Angel S1E13 “She”: Angel Chronicles Episode #13

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Aug 24, 2018

Marvel-Two-In-One #58: Quantum Zone Episode #23

This episode Phil, Will and Matt continue the “Summer of Pegasus” with a review of Marvel Two-In-One #58, “To the Nth Power” (December 1979).  Discussion topics include:

The artist formerly known as Wundarr

Ever looming ads

Funky “love” in 1979

The guys want a...