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Oct 25, 2019

Operation Galactic Storm Part 5: Quantum Zone Episode #84

This episode Phil, Will, and Matt continue their in-depth review of Operation: Galactic Storm with part 5 from Avengers #345 (March 1992). Discussion includes:

Sushi, Japanese Spider-Man, and the Goonies

Teleport envy

Farewell for now Black Widow

Scary Sersi

Whackos and Ecos

Hawkeye’s “performance enhancer”

Hobgoblins and Deathbirds

Silent founders

Show notes: Operation Galactic Storm Part 5: Quantum Zone Episode #84

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Operation Galactic Storm Part 5: Quantum Zone Episode #84

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keep some lunatic sidekicks is brought to you by tweet get awesome headphones get tweaked audio dot com and use to southgate get thirty percent offer chipping in a lifetime warranty where he can get there through the link on our website south new group what about our Quasar podcast the garden zone what about our Sushi sell hot dogs is not like the other community as hello and welcome back to the quantum zone episode eighty four and you believe it the echoes I don't know I never really thought that that was cool you know a I mean what an echo is but yeah lacquers sounds the collectors obsession was it was three hundred five part episodes yeah they got spray ballgames East Coast West Coast learn how the University Galactic Storm still got quite a way to go but yeah we're part five but it seems like we have been in this very long you know Marai yeah of course master of the quantum zone liberty side of st yeah all right Bro Yeah like I said Hart five of operation as he orders his wife thinner Oh and we got we got super fans hanging in the chat rooms if you hear US having a one way balances out because it's like yeah we have no feedback for rain this week because he has like a personal thing going on like I don't think he's even making his podcast this week backstage trying to order Sushi for my wife a huge that's a need the microphone for it in a call misunderstood the order so on the West Coast avengers vs yeah I mean you couldn't you couldn't say what you signed off year in bringing in the East Coast Team I love where where do you guys following the whole because there was the Wackos What so no feedback from Ray hey look all of a sudden we got associate in the turn under study the Universe Operation Galactic Storm Part Five I am Phil joining me of wars as always on these mike the Disappear Shinko's elementary maybe we are wondering name your scrawl to socially housing we shall not appear like black widow we shall not local stations products Senate his dad's case Ocean turn your chair left in the Doghouse so figure it out but I'm here with you you went into three forty five short yeah they're like he's scurry on sation with ourselves yeah we're talking sorry heights tire everyone I'm mad sorry meet myself I just pre-game converter men on Energie traits offense weapons of symbols of Incheon ongoing it's a struggle share yeah but yeah like me and we're talking about no reynolds any real guy quasar news but I shuttle funny anecdote I got I just got my son out in the bathtub around eight and eight o'clock the goonies was on you it's like an old movie or something but I'm just glad he loves the marvel stuff you know because the day he was asked in the first hour while he was often watching it but you know he's six I was like the older brother there won't headband knee mixed he's working on the beginning I said that's eh trump's in America think we're kind of working our way backwards because he seemed like the Tobey Maguire's and the the Andrew Garfield Spider take time we've got five part twenty yeah exactly yes I'm still getting set up yet we're still meeting characters? The difference in the Japanese Spiderman is in addition to fighting by himself he also piloted a giant robot known as Leopard Leopard on because she would I might have seen that's all I'm watching some bill bixby Lou Ferrigno our whole clips on Youtube so oh yeah China's to nine hundred eighty five and that right there that's Sam wise game ci comments thwart off enlarged version of the shows monsters so go spidey may leopard on one with the giant robot yeah as Israel bizarre so I think even in the sequel they had they had that one because I warno who had been beloved childhood movies are also share like showing them to their kids I hope he likes this will be digs this yeah this is about someone who is he sees a meteoroid fall to earth end it's the last surviving warrior of Yeah Yeah it's tough though especially if you have like a I mean I have no experience in this but I could just imagine other people yeah see your brands working on the six year olds isn't it but what if he tried to get him into Marvel Luby's hey everyone I'm well he could play that I did know introducing I ever watch as it's spider a world's that was destroyed by Professor Monster in the Iron Cross army injects blood his own blood an Indian Superman and a a female spiderman and they have a dance off or something I don't know it was kind of so this motorcycle rider into Cayo in Nick gives him spider like powers in the needs of bracelet that makes him shoot webs so I don't know the look it up thank you Internet until we that's what we call a wreck con man's and stuff so yeah you know yeah but you get Japanese spider-man that she obviously those those talking about that yeah the DC shows doing the crossover that you know in December united flash and Arrow and all those that he's asking if moral heroes we're GONNA show up I said nobody has owned by two different companies he's like I know I know I see them all at the beginning he's like the DC universe an easy characters moral studios owns the marvel.

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'cause I see the report on on any other news this week Doc cosmic news the riders stepping off of Guardians and as getting new riders coming on from the seventies eighties I live action Spiderman after the kids the this is what all the kids at school and talk about her prior it's real bizarre I forget I mean they're equipped with like a they can make like a village around it is more spread open and people like visiting Nice weather cities learn New York the fall yeah the first Stanley Cameo appearance to rattle movie was kill me kill them all bring in the thirtieth century Gordon's okay says I think it's the bigger events which I mean I have no idea and remain because it's I mean New York is still in the middle of the city Cindy James Gunn confirmed that guardians of the galaxy three will be his last so it'll be must be he's got a real juicy tweet plans yeah my kid's GonNa be Spiderman for Halloween he's he's GonNa be looking for his giant robot I'm GonNa be like Leopard on it is does it seem like San Diego gets more like media coverage than New York comic on Oh yeah definitely not awesome starts for the marvel cinematic universe. I know we'll get an that Netflix so the difference bat no I didn't hear that maybe that came out of yeah I think that came out of New York comic con last week I mean maybe it was just me but confusing I think that's like Oh here's number three which series is it was the one from last year the year before zip from the 'cause like during what was that spider verse yet one Dan Slot did that whole La multiversity spiderman thing brought in all these alternate versions of Spiderman I think he did have that or maybe the last ten years there's been a bunch of start and Stop Garden Galaxy runs that makes it very especially confused interfere Correa lookie Creighton you must be good honestly like the last fire yeah but he's seen the brother of Star Fox DEEPA CUT MHM craziness to keep keep the numbering ever the current the current punisher sears may be thirteenth series Ch- oh my goodness wow yeah no lax is of course the you know they're gonNA reboot renumber so you know it's been six months has it been that long back issue hunter like myself New Mona by him cheap you get them and then they're they're not the same story you know the issue I don't know maybe I could see the tendons being down but I mean it's just like the media doesn't get what the reporters that WanNa make to New York you know the next team would take over you didn't break the toys yet whatever where's my point Aries Mike Oh my Lord I heard Ray in them talking about the recent punisher series because midnights been in the last couple issues forget what volume they said that punish them Glenda's friends hockey that way about a vendor's I mean they recruited them what five times in the last and there's been so many so it just seems like whenever a new a new creative team comes on they rebuilt it I mean what happened to you know let's get to it actually I'm kind of envious of both you guys because you can actually get good Sushi I I live in the sixty was should've been heated up better I guess already alley and one Kebab will launch a new guardians a galaxy ongoing in January twenty twenty you met the calming I thought you were talking about the movie cold wrap it up wrap it up all right was it's insane is it like volume nine or ten or higher than that her I think even Moon Knight has like I've encountered so like we said Operation Galactic Storm Part five from avengers three forty five finally gets east coast vendors sounds good to me Oh wait socialist commented poor mad is getting beat up for cold Sushi Yeah Sir yes they might make the wall oh I know they think renumbering skin get them new new readers but doesn't that make from more again March nineteen ninety two were still in March By Bob Harris writer Steve Editing Pencil Cree intergalactic wars erupting between two mighty empires and Earth's mightiest heroes are in the thick of it all right right let's get to it enough with the Sushi Talk I think nothing Sushi Talk I think it's getting so the summary long-term vendors ally Rick Jones was kidnapped by the alien she are the doom of Captain Marvel was raided by the alien us just keep the number remember we were yelling you know he picked up the vendors three forty five and you're like okay sitting there for three hundred forty five ish Japan wasn't even though it's supposedly the pen on the collection obsession yeah we talked about that degree yeah aw grip war he didn't even himself by clever nickname was storm gatherings are eights moments ago a space station called star core orbited here remember from last issue may scientists from Earth Eager Home Palmer colorist inker Bill Oakley Lederer Ralph Macho editor either Tiger Belco editor and chief you know dot gov is superior spider man accused a giant sword on the thing and he's he's like that's not honorable cares about honor just at illuminate the mysteries of the is that a joke illuminate I like it one in the issue of another you start looking at the years more closely design just lost yet I think the first one the right this current team was up transitioning from the old creative team to the new creative team I thought that was kind of what professionals did you know we wrote it so that she immediately the my aw come on we want to talk boy did she talk it's usually thoughts a New Yorker horrible I I don't see anything about a writer but I did see the Lakers don't even cook airfare yeah it should we get to this issue so Makoni can back she time nine though haven't noticed were still a long way from accomplishing our mission Bam milner got us here fantastic thank God me owner got them here because no one else in this foresee ago indicating the crew was abandoning ship however there is no sign of the crafts life pod in this the Senate it's conceivable they did not I did it I really didn't Ron it's like he's wearing goggles with the his communication device but yeah I don't know it's weird it looks like an oxygen mask too and he doesn't need an offer he did we get a boost from number ones and Bob Lot that seems to be that the the end of the marketing we're just GONNA keep not number one they were prepared let me see if I can sense any human life out here Bingo follow me takes the other follows how we wanted to do this this this first seeing I can do quasar insurgency will do you WANNA do vision in we'll give Mr Kona the he's good with the gods sounds good man he's got the beard the middle of your states yeah I can only get good Sushi when I go elsewhere whatever did they make awesome.

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You'll be a guardians of the galaxy book in a couple of years and someone from podcast hey I like it all right it's all right here we go Rick Jones Dream indicated that there was a cre- presence on earth again which certainly was borne out by our encounter with Atlas Minerva and my battle with were star reveal whoa maybe he's just doing communicator but they had an extra one area history quantum or around oh the she are racist involved as well admittedly we don't know what about these she are but quasar witnessed a solar flare erupt when their starship worked out of the solar system so caps talking to Hawkeye on the on the communication screen this latest flare was by far the largest hawk we barely got started not God's gift a Superheroes Lady Sheesh Oh all right but that meanwhile back in avengers mansion Sir can teleport excuse me a Thursday is correct we received star courses distress signal twelve point six minutes we looked he's literally in a bathing suit but she's in any US he uses the bands to communicate via radio waves anyway so again goes someone either remind the golden boy scout with the cosmic accessories that we happen to be a team and somebody remind you the it appears we're in the middle of some type of intergalactic power struggle between two alien superpowers who don't give a second thought that the damage they're doing to our son so what else is new a hoop or can there in the silence sound of thunder and Flash of lightning here the depths of space so Vatian in the form of four avengers the page I wasn't sure I could make the leap from Earth but after kept told me Star Wars court it's all I had to do was concentrate bully for you thunder but in case you code all the reserves I could Steve I learned Jarvis be prepared for up to thirty guests and cap and just the other day I was reminiscent about the good old days with a smaller team listen to the west coast brands just about ready to To New York to the big towel see in two hours could heal hawk amnesty black with are you going to keep with the Hawkeye Hawkeye last thing vendors maintain oh we black widow don't blink or you'll miss her cores message through the electromagnetic disturbances how do you figure these solar flares are tied into what's been going on around here I'm not sure but it's clear that there is a connection exceeded scaping in perished sure not a bring down the mood Vici- let me say Quasar your guardians of the galaxy protector of the universe they called what's at a Russian exit or something I guess an Irish goodbye maybe there's you know any any culture could be fit into those Nazi I passing through the Pods Hall and asking them Directly Vision thank God somebody hurt or distress beacon we're beginning to think complain about you not being more it'll happen in this next panel he's scanning for life signs why's he holding his temples well and all right so back in space the vendors find star Core Quasar says ladies and gentlemen May I present the Star Corps Life Pod a known I shall investigate opt avengers starker crew appears fundamentally do you have any hypothesis as to the sun solar activity why does become so volatile or vision don't think now's the appropriate time to what's happening to see a massive solar flare and Gulf the unfortunate ship destroying it utterly for its inquisitive Taryn crew there are seemingly Dr Cobo can you tell me what happened flare so sudden and powerful it couldn't have been natural we had no time to engage thrusters indeed Dr Sir how are we going to do this you want Kona you wanna be one of the first alien the fleet reports the it is prepared to enter the second wormhole Farewell Commander Precede the empress does not want any she our pre the second alien share so my like the top town yeah yeah the first lead is been completed pray tour well it's somewhat shaken but this disturbance way ahead of you've age something's about to happen like look on my Gosh Oh my gosh what the heck is that I believe for we are witnessing the formation of a wormhole not vision it's the birth of a warp a rip the time Space Continuum Space Time Continuum itself Holla Holla why else would be here so near the wormhole site freighter commander our buyer scans detected lifeforms on the screen now tell these are it is true and earn her there Hawk move their double all black now team so she disappears onto this issue maybe that's you know one person meals difference okay all right all yes she could just slip out the back door in these towns are extraordinary but they are witnesses nonetheless lieutenant engaging eliminate the humans hold on a moment and says we're impressed QUASAR I'll call you the next time I lose a needle in the haystack but the question remains as the crew all right I shall ascertain yeah that's right okay so he puts his head to his his temples like he's Professor Asks for some reason they knew the flares were getting increasingly dangerous Zinsou terron solar system any longer than is absolutely necessary fraser all right I'll I'll do the third one does page full-page lead tech answer say there must be hundreds of ships Quasar it's free all right back in space in Australian of law he's not in the room today South Hercules Hercules.

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It looks like it's in the first bubble right MM seemed like I'm GonNa eat my words and look at it this way Steve at least this will keep you humble so what she worried that he he wants a smaller despite all this is not the she our way if we truly come to this in order to preserve our way of life we adopt the practices of our most bitter enemy as our own can armata blow to quiz urgency freaking source thinking quivering with equipment hurt too bad we forgot the rent the brass band house about Ukraine little nervous yes easy night but but about what ace May I remind you my Lord Prater that this is war these beings are more than likely spies the occurs cre- would report on the fleet's maneuvers to Hollywood I'm not exactly sure it some minutes from deep space that threatens us all I fear or is it being reunited with my estranged husband sister I wish I knew xaver good is true scan confirmed to think through annoyed lifeforms out here a magistrate's was correct in being concerned I know I should have stayed home.

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She says quaker on in the distance another warp is appearing in out of it space fleet is appearing which is they know it out for outdoor you get Ya okay there are gathered needs one more one roof once more I can only wonder what their voices will sound like and what characters they will portray admirably aw Kebbi Debbie drama that's right here look next scene of vendors mansion can we got other west coast compatriots are due to arrive at any moment to honor to greet them to be a moment of epic importance when all who bear the names of vendors Um intergalactic war or domestic squabble it's nice to know you can keep things in perspective then choosing between an angry scarlet witch and a space battle with can you in truth spare these beams and run the risk of bringing disaster to the magistrates and the empire your words are cold commander all right here he left he was here and he left those noticing I will get in the race personal thinking about your Yeah Yeah yes take me and we'll take because I know who Kunas getaway I'll be I'll be Hercules will but then so is war is it not carry out your orders then may the God forgive decisions made in time such as these are it's as I started I was excited to start doing my Hercules before you guys cast the rest of the scene you weren't Black Knight I'll take crystal that's okay that's Greenman I'd vote for the battle you can't just say X.

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Hey they're firing out us oh and then sursee says the floor Hercules right about you thunder you do have inordinate on this for stating the obvious yes we retaliate against this aggression you know boss Euro Hammer do your stuff that's a big shalt first rule of business my mortal friend don't let your sense of indignation get killed it's so counter productive just use my quantum bands to send the life pod out of harm's way and then we'll feel these invaders sit down me Better by far terrifies the creatures within that ship and then we see prey or life support is failing we are done it down oh that's funny every scan so this is difficult for me it is might be the Meta humans who've stymied our race for so long now they hinder UCR thank all because of my dedication to duty down but not yet out quasar move in for the kill quakers kill you're sounding a little bloodthirsty there that's not your style she says isn't it what do you really know the mind a you experience the bitter side of life no matter how powerful you are you will always beat someone stronger still and pride and glory mean very little then the I didn't think you cared to the bottom of the page oh Gotcha the next page risk getting tackled page thirteen yeah but the panel for a while commander he's is he hiding the consequences of his actions actually yes old man.

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My People's intelligence suggested that terrence we encountered out here hang preorder K. three preserve as the terrance have unleashed some sort of incredible weapon our shields are buckling. It's the hammer because another hint mortal give primordial headstrong but I think you have possibilities vision I do believe I've made our neophyte coddling blush I all that information in the proper databanks RC but now who were scrawl no reality is all smoke and mirrors and who knows the better than Hobgoblins of Your Precious Magistrates Ron the service at it no you care absurd but thanks for saving my but you're welcome your raw naive formed we intend to bring you to Earth to investigate recent events on our planet which suggest you are infringing on our sovereignty and indeed could the preorder this can't be happening we're the best in the magistrates fleet we are her pride glory Ni- young ones and then we hear things here their computer integrity restored atmosphere returning to normal parameters cared quasar these jokers are trying to kill us for no good reason I oughta since he's funder that Photon torpedo I prayed is a lesson of our empire spared and outside we see Quasar inserts blast in Jersey we breached the forest field she said the course stiller the avengers you attacked our party unprovoked while we were engaged in rescue mission such acts which violate the norm of civilized behavior cannot go unpunished the general by the Crime Pradier ancestors brothers are breached we will not see our home world again are these tears mad these barbarians me here both east and West maybe we should vote on it we were out in deep space having just survived an attack on not only a not only us but the star core signed ternal and does my attitude fright you win the one he's just like we're classes for reasons I've a better lesson for you Predator things are not always what they seem starts to transfer order more I am proud of this vessel you are innocent victims of a conflict between two great powers for which I Apologize Your anger is justified but no no it's when he says you know it Quasar watch all right it's the painful for certain wiser she had order of the Shiro as ever allowed his ship to be taken insurgency says the make history and be the first preorder reserves I swear will destroy you and your it yourself Barton I got every right to talk after all the adventures are one big Epi family right and we see Dr Pym cap whatever they are fixed what happened we now have several dozen prisoners from the star vessels well as the creep Doctor Minerva Captain Atlas whom I shrank in size and placed in this holding tank next thing you see is kept saying gee what you threaten to kill them they're bored vendors that operate that way lady and she started the perhaps they should captain and with all of us and guard yeah Oh yeah she are shape shifter yeah that's the name of Earth Supervision Aw lunchbox yes or what goes guest is put the dead souls in be a threat to our very survival if we are supposed to read this before at quals like yeah we blasted a hole in the side of your ship and unplugging up plugging it up for now home and we caught some capitalism can question the I say we came out ahead then I ask you all if the Sheeran priore head not given up would you have been prepared to carry out your prayer we were dead men how and simple speaking of his back there are on so I guess the teams reporting back the captain here's despite the best of intentions get caught in the muck it's the black widow the new kid on the block we were fighting fully armed battleship and it was just a bluff wasn't it I'm not entirely comfortable but we did cap core baroness crew or back ship full double page spread back in New York yeah that's telling well before it seems like this era of you can preach hall alert or ships integrity has been compromised atmospheric decompression enbridge section all even got an alarm going off cool this quixotic as fighting windmills because admittedly our combined abilities or next to nothing against powers as fast the cree and she are empires but somehow we've got to give in with these two ancient races stop this war before it gets out of hand was I'm more Kyo who's mockingbird Jews near donor because we weren't trusted to save forgive won't you if we neglected Robert's rules of conduct but it would've extended us the same courtesy Chapman hurt wormhole the portal wants open services a bridge between their respective galaxies cutting the distance to their space fleets must travel says what indeed will urge all emerging cautioned wasp it's a slippery muddy road when you once you begin making death threats and incarcerating people and I don't WanNa see the event regarding our son Huck is correct mockingbird both the crm career using the sun as an energy source in order to activate a normally Then the wasp is like that's hardly fair cap iron requested Hank reduced the aliens after all what were we going to do with them who are we to go around telling other people or aliens how to run their affairs what have you been out to lunch or something bobby there's a little matter no I think it's quays simplifies the Avengers Giveth and the vendors taketh away I think you she are I am the vision of injures we always get the big everyone's standing around the table yet the big a table and wonder man does not look happy stop the Sun Will Nova in life in the solar system will cease that's why cap says we have to get involved I hope the cree don't think we're too rude butting into the archery I was about to say I'm glad music gave us the full summary for people who haven't been paying attention to what the last four episodes is he has synthesis waiter summarizations he died I think I think married so long because he made her quiver that's an Arrow show you know so then cap is saying by utilizing quasars war powers I propose to send two teams as envoys to each of the empires to a mere fraction however used the worm hole caused gravitational havoc with the sun to stabilize nuclear cohesion.

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It's a Korean the she our had you as agent is that I think was not Matt Dom Dot Com stages right Ironman Crystal Hercules the Black Knight answer see she says she are imperium thor me wonder Man the vision the scarlet witch and she thinks with the vision and Simon Heavy pause that was also what happened before started talking I love ascension in the ranks but Aidid cat knows what he thought about it what advocating intervention avengers but diplomacy float we gleaned from the X.

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Men the she seemed to be a far less warlike race in the cree perhaps they can be reason I don't think it I don't think that I could have been I think he was okay I'll take it but why I mean the lightning an hour earth force she hulk Falcon Mockingbird spiderwoman hang him with the career another matter entirely of course but we've dealt with them before okay so we're talking about the whole earth set stake we're now we're talking about the X. Men why are we calling the x-men why aren't we calling the fantastic four true defenders power power back caps like hank that makes me equally uncomfortable reminds me of our old friend the collector to bring that up but no tank I was way out of line and comes like okay cap row under stress that what are we gonna do about this situation cap what about to suggest may seem off mission folks anyone wants to back out you can do so no questions asked okay rose assigned to the empire are myself we'd cap you the wasp get the Sheriff Panel Gilgamesh and Hawkeye what what's funny then like where's the hank high things were kind of hot and heavy and there hey hawk surfacing the real chip on her shoulder wasn't like her at all I think cap just got a little Zim fall while the remaining thirty of the vendors stay on earth to act as a rearguard iron man the black widow and I have gone to great lengths in his this yeah I think so because he says he's part of the imperial guard this girl's no no Australia I wonder what some of the other becoming habits were leaving his arrowheads you know I mean I just an orchard remembers he flips them valve something to Hanko buddy thanks performance enhancing drugs Obispo stopped smirking clint while we were married I always thought it was your least becoming habit she's cavs Abbas flipping mind I don't have enough raw power he says what's that US what what's the US agent this universe out thank so he's a lunatic acted you deserve to go into space if you want clint you're involved in our first run in with the cree I know what it's like to be the odd man out around here and there was a time when you were more than it was just saying don't don't tell Dr Pym bizzare really just action figures okay he's trying these days okay thinks this all wedding good my friends but should it does matter at hand all right Ari Tasha sorry folks several teams distracted her focus everyone focus Hercules. You're going with the Quiver Jim yeah they kept saying super thyroid problem and three hours later in space Hercules the white people captain I suggest you take a look behind the Hawkeye nope not this time black widows standard writer recap shoulder like excuse me Alan all right so yeah runs out of the roof fuming oh nostalgic I get cap by the way hang around in a series of tests just now in this form I give you a I could give came out I figured I was glide the last time we took on the crease oh seeing as how were running into him again I decided to take a