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Oct 24, 2019

Deadpool Team-Up #897, Ghost Rider #1: Wade’s World— The Deadpool Podcast Episode #91

In this week’s episode, our (anti)heroes review Deadpool Team-Up #897 featuring a team-up with 2 Ghost Riders and the recently released Ghost Rider #1.

Show notes: Deadpool Team-Up #897, Ghost Rider #1: Wade's World--The Deadpool Podcast Episode #91

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Deadpool Team-Up #897, Ghost Rider #1: Wades World The Deadpool Podcast Episode #91

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This episode Lunatic sidekicks is brought to you by tweaked audio get awesome headphones get tweaked audio dot com and use the coupon code southgate get thirty percent off shipping in a lifetime warranty where can get there through the link on our website southgate needed groups dot com as world podcast nine maximum effort never common finish vengeance it's it's from where's the date Yes march twenty ten really reset ver- of compared committed to what we've been covering and no there weren't that many teams counted backwards for one thousand are ruined it Arkley this covered votes for the cover leap I didn't know what I was getting into cool love fires in Vegas even better damnation isn't that right Johnny we US opposes about restoring it will come out in two thousand twenty three anyway so yes we get to the deadpool team I Asia and since when you mean or no probably number two to Charlie effort the anger than he does that brings some jury anyway so today we are talking Wilson's waves world talking deadpool team up eight ninety seven fight fire and since the go with the theme says is a team up with not one the two ghostwriters were also going to cover last week's in strider number one especially since I forced dazzle three I fine I mean I do miss this still I mean uncle Ben Eckstein Lucifer even la he probably owns a bar pistou imposes me and Charlie were talking about this supposedly mefissa locked in a penthouse in Vegas but meanwhile he's been showing up in champions and Superior Spiderman Open the book and there is a lady in an angry as you man but the beard does not slowed that pull down or he ride the make ghostwriter naughty demon but like an angel or something I think it was something like that it's still better than Franken Castle aw forget that a lot of their lake quantum for anti heroes are very similar not only read power whom hound any at this point they were both like ghost rider yeah the John was factored whole world everybody I like breeder meetings we could send someone into the comic shop I yes I need all nine hundred team burke care for better preacher it's kind of like a carnival with the uh-huh did you got it way worse with action so that scene in David busters on watcher any hostile glad you weren't the native that that spirit of vengeance or so I like the world's our actually ladies like we're not for the last time we're not from punked and the jerk Everybody pack it out go home Dax Shepard joke this is two thousand ten effectual that's always remember that as our Lord and Savior Ryan Reynolds wants Always now has had that earth tougher sanctions anyway so I don't know and then we get both joining blaze Anthony catch which I'll then Gibson currier this urban river who they battling Charleena three convinced there's multiple vistas may be alternate reality versions or something three missus shut your mouth Jonathan Sean vendors so late we'll get there did have me on twitter what yes I remember mommy the stumbling lady give me a stuffed animal Oh there you go to the reserves truckin spirit trump action I have always wanted to go to prison where he loves men in prison the little guys like we don't even know this to ask you a quick call back shepherd who it everything Aveiro full full of stuffed animals kidding on my way you'll get a start in marine use which is linked to women's no better than let's be real my Lord can you imagine just like we in the end they all I love how there's like a captain America balloon though Pam Free checking in this is kind of like where how I grew up and then they see deadpool uncertain events were Ford that's true so of course both ghost riders transformed Yeah Yeah it's like one right before the dead core repair the bureau recruited to roll out of Dave and buster's by the way but I air I remember this is right catches always just like such a difference rent bringing and wasn't this like the period where they were like Oh my God no how Harry Potter Works and one of the Freaks lobster boy John Experience leading infomer- it they mentioned zombies array of Florida team comic and it's just like trunk in angry red next don't forget New Yorkers here in the Winter Moore I got another twenty ten joke I mean at this point even when you're reading current outsider Rodney carries on a offering or lower says this is about as much fun as a Sarah Palin rally or not Komo it's better than that nineties thing where they made the punisher like a supernatural not recall the craving Gauguin liberalness Veronica Mars Than Bell Matic actually can fight me anytime Agra Carney favors opposite gibson is gibson ton I the ghost riders are the guys from chips out for you to fight like brothers we are brothers the from behind with a mere Letsie Bullseye make that shot but yeah I guess the the the towns possessed by demons in a floor I can't believe what Soga bitterly just lay it'd be like the group from the heartland that they that's that's that's our free her little army theme which one man it's just super free I love the guy one of them's telling deadpool people were possessed by demons he's like sorry I missed all the Harry potters WanNa fill me in Ooh I mean iron skier more people get it if he says Bruce Campbell I love his THAs little his inner monologue boxes he's like never catch Spiderman doing this what Ilgar exposed or back Rabe era the dead polls shooting zombies with a with a with a water hose off fire truck goes crowder's the love Florida said well for the winner for the weather it's a poor man's California I can't afford her Kathleen a whole right either so yes allow deadpool me ghostwriters save everybody but then I guess the head Oh this is for the disturbed by cats American Horror Story Lucy had lots debris then what gets kind of possessed kind of fighting it and pull the Jim Carey and starts kicking his own ass on that that's the right now my friends though they don't they don't like I wanted the possessed ones is like you possess Craig power as waiting for him to make a great responsibility the job the lady that smelled like Puke Kimmy me counts laker vomit or no offense honestly the region are Arca issues diverse writers situation you're battling mctigue possessed people when Anna deadpool's hallucinate Lord Than Temple Tell Me Kiss your sister like all right we're in for I'm sorry I'd say more nell sounds like I like the height though that was fun oh yeah did pull making ask or I don't know in his head just like a weird shade but yeah I mean again not my cup of tea guy who is possessed is still yelling everybody said that poked kills them out for walks off into the sunset with the bearded lady very well thought out the list and you have to look like Chris Evans and maybe they will pick one lucky listener to sit on Hellfire slap and tell her what they want for Christmas yes freeze you have to have Lissa oh we're bringing back the top ten for Rafer Radha Rafer okay that's fine one lucky Gibson used to be like a big Connie Lake on lake in the off season America Big Carney family ray world with family a nice yard arm Berg Pucker roaring another one here flirter deadpool team ups.

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Yeah I don't know this art really wasn't my cup of tea narrowing sues ghostwriters light maker transformation that's when the artwork tuck notices she has no shame anyway so you WanNa get to last week's goes Ryder number one all right so what did you think about this it wasn't as terrible and then tadpole chopped off his legs fit into the freak show egret burn codes and freight mass and thus era your pop culture again we're in the months so send us your pop culture pop culture themed that Christmas Loa the Rock I'm not oh the muscle guys can get it former and remember I put it up on our social media which you should be following a December is GonNa be all Wade's world so I set great auto yes basically for those of you who aren't caught up by after the doctor strange damnation storyline the fist though I basically joining blaze was made the new king of Hell were yeah I mean I guess they had reared it is that all theories like PG thirteen movies we can't animate it's easy to say what TV show but then they I guess they canceled plans for that another bringing Danny Ketch back in the in his unserious because Robinson Yeah I didn't think it was kind of a slow burn for an number one eight won't gain anything anymore they're always like brighten for the trades get pallet cleanser inter that will reveal refer you a re re needed a better community which the story was okay but like on this Gimme Cam- run opera backer ornamented theories are based on I guess Super Man What we're Bruce Campbell this or a base at Bert can't recall the apiece relate put Danny Ketch in because there are spirit of vengeance fans everywhere so oh yeah they're always like trying to like do that nineties the stellar was imprisoned in a Penthouse in Las Vegas which you know basically be little stream life so I mean I agree story was okay for me now his his ex-girlfriend's now married with kids and you know like he's nobody really developing a drinking problem yeah Latini catches awake guy too but they always seems like Okay macaroni yeah it always seems like they eventually come back to join plays yeah her hurt right right oh I just wonder if there what's up ghost writers now at the main thing basically he ida I've NGOs like trying to get rid of that over the macro Oh yeah Robbie's like trying to get rid of his powers into vendors right now I don't know if I'd never mind tell Danny you gotta help me but he fights a giant demon who's blind to the penance stare won't work in factory supernatural I'm afraid that catches going to get the end of your for our reconnaissance during before you're saying so I just I just wonder they like what are they doing with ghostwriter now because we're supposed to get a Robbie Ray aside the air I don't know accidentally Johnny a lot more in our with Jason their vendors run referring humor fan talked about that ultimate spider cast speaking fees recovering from defeat and we get a footnote about got about a partner but then like Johnny shows up because villains have been earth theme of Escaping Hell so he absolute carnage vengeance because everyone's getting symbian absolute carnage tied you Tien in Uganda tie you never know with continuity anymore but but then Danny tracks down another demon basically like oh again intruder a shot out right while on the artwork artist great really flags eyelid are Curl Oh we do get a an appearance by Willis for very But again I mean originally you know Johnny blaze was bonded to the original evil demons wrath maybe they can come back Berkeley fiery sensical am visiting nursing home with bad intentions are Sherbrooke how dare you just concerns or course you get a vibrating you buy wrong when Quasar shows up so when we see the sparkly Wanson tentacles just last week actually I thought our forget yeahs Makuto wonder man that's been learning that Bert writes for the smartest guy but he means well oh again same joke Augie James Cameron scooping she's you probably watch our wonder man is to locked up here by sure your I don't believe it now now that he said I don't want I said it's just like he's been appeared in another book so again it's like he's going mad with power is insane now now y'all just noticed scrag backfire kind of e that sweet sweet firefly money Luca over big big operation Galactic Storm Review Every Week one chapter you have to do a deep guy what they're gonNA do eat dropping Easter eggs and stuff I thought they were GonNa do think Nathan Fillion was ready to go reporting Florida to me saying Natalie in Florida Man I saw what a Ferdinand Hammer burkes macron predict the Keefer that's right you can tune in tomorrow night because right now people were in the Middle Danny Ketch Johnny blaze were both you know they were I mean they had their own book and they're both pretty much ghost rider so are you get you the thing if they want to bring that back great really need the light wash that from her frigging popular member doesn't matter doesn't matter what version of ghost rider they do confident around here we've got plenty of growth but yeah catches is like super brooding it's Connor Burke he's he owns a barn the ghost rider no fun of the franchise weren't even that bad it was like deadpool I really wasn't feeling that dead look at that point issue like you could see his mouth through the man Nicholas Cage Okay now now offer in I think goes right fans are good everyone who is in the first movie except Nicholas Cage is like thinking for God something furious Oh he's still here I mean it's definitely not that I was like and I kinda regret our fan base on actually John Bringing Robbie race build him up and asked like Hey let's bring Danny ketch back it's like pick one and stick with them you're a team effort correct yes ghost rider than woes yard and it was like the second one that got rid of ad this issue was pretty solid I mean at go started just not mind being Kobe marveled decent for natural well enough for me the lake accurate later manner something I think they pretty much cancel you twenty five dollars and renumber more like you said there they'll do ghost rider until what over twenty five and then you know then they'll do the ghostwriters and it'll be number one earn enough with the renumbering are or something even in it's like okay change cows got rid of everyone you know yeah I got rid of the hot the hot chick key hold my attention for long I'll do to recruiter for issues on my just not as well developed it's kind of boring I may or may not be the sun may or may not rise tomorrow yeah now read the commentary yeah I mean that'll be in two thousand twenty minutes twenty twenty I've been a high number to say hey this is a try to Ju- product we've been here for a while now and remember you heard this on ways world episode ninety one and a half learn to work together kind of berks Frank Scott is not great all right everyone so senator thoughts What are we doing next bring up my so we are we still doing our big plan for upset one hundred list so