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Jun 1, 2018

Avengers Issue #308 & Avengers Annual #18: Quantum Zone Episode #11

This episode Phil, Will and Matt conclude the review of Quasar’s first mission with the Avengers in Avengers issue #308, “Journey” and also discuss Avengers Annual #18 including part 8 of “Atlantis Attacks” and the Avengers initiation of Quasar.  The Discussion includes:

A very brief Quasar sighting in Web of Spider-Man #76

Captain America’s typing skills

Acts of Vengeance on the horizon

Not the Olympia you’re thinking of

Uniforms of tricksters

Sick days due to serpent crowns

Avengers paperwork

Show notes: Avengers Issue #308 & Avengers Annual #18: Quantum Zone Episode #11

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