All New World’s Finest Roundup: Marvel vs. DC #1
World’s Finest and All New Marvel Roundup cohost Phil Perich hosts and moderates a DC vs. Marvel comics debate between his cohosts Lilith Hellfire (DC) & Charlie Esser (Marvel).
Who will win this first edition of superhero battles?  You’ll have to listen in as Lilith & Charlie debate:
-Who is the better bad boy ex-sidekick,Red Hood or Winter Soldier?
-Who is Marvel Comics Trinity?
-Who has the better tragic alien sorry, Martian Manhunter or Silver Surfer?
-Who is the Marvel Comics equivalent of Wonder Woman?
-Who is better evil genius/businessman, Lex Luthor or Norman Osborn?
-The Avengers vs. The Justice League!
This will be a semi-regular event, so send in your dream battles for future podcasts!

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